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The Tycuda Group was founded by Miles Clyne. Miles has managed money for two decades and has developed a proprietary investment process designed to balance Risk, Return, and RecoveryTM, the latter being the true differentiator of the Tycuda Group.

"Managing money is about endurance. Your money needs to go the distance. Investment advisors don’t often use words like torque. Our portfolios are designed to power through risk and methodically build value."

 – Miles Clyne

Investment vehicles that are fast and sleek can be fraught with risk and may eventually break down. At the Tycuda Group, our portfolios are designed to account for market anomalies, systematically capturing investment opportunities that can often be missed due to subjective reasons.


Everyone talks about risk and return, however, very few people talk about recovery.

The Tycuda Group works to create tangible value for its clients through the use of a proprietary portfolio management system that balances return against risk and recovery.

We believe that very few investment advisors account for the speed in which securities can recover from market downturns. We do. This is a core differentiator of our group. We think how and why we do this is worth looking into.

Our clients benefit from our sophisticated processes within the confines of their own account. Our approach is designed to provide transparency and peace of mind.


We have the tools to create tangible value for all of our clients.

  • Wealth Management: tax strategies, retirement planning and intergenerational wealth transfer, discretionary portfolio management, and strategic planning.

  • Group Retirement Plans: help retain employees, assist in providing a cost-effective retirement income benefit, navigate plan choices and fiduciary duties, assist in presenting options, and assume day-to-day management.

  • Corporate Cash Management: tailored to meet your needs with a focus on principal protection, liquidity and yield.

  • Institutional and Endowment Fund Management: budgeting, investment advice, and strategic long-term planning. 

  • Insurance Services: life insurance, disability, and critical illness.

  • Accredited investor opportunities: hedge funds, private equity deals, venture capital funds, and other private placements.

  • Financial Planning:  Our focus is not only on investments, but ensuring your overall strategy is sound. Your personal situation is unique and your strategy needs to ensure your needs are met. At Tycuda, we believe everyone should work with a professional financial planner. Our clients are entitled to complimentary access to Leede Jones Gable’s Estate Planner Steve Cropo.


The steam that powers the engine.

Miles Clyne

Portfolio Manager

Miles’ experience is noteworthy to say the least. Miles spent a considerable amount of time in the financial industry before being invited to become a partner at Leede Jones Gable Inc. He has developed a keen understanding and ability to articulate the financial realm which led him to author weekly articles for a financial column over a period of 5 years. His thorough experience and understanding of finance and investing has deepened as he developed his proprietary software, Quest Portfolio Analytics™.

Miles’ approach to investing is simple, yet effective – bridging the gap between market management and clients’ unique financial goals, he brings stability, income and growth to portfolio management. He serves as the Portfolio Manager at the Tycuda Group, Leede Jones Gable Inc., and holds the following financial designations & licenses: FCSI (Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute), CIM (Chartered Investment Manager), FMA (Financial Management Advisor), Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing.

Jennifer ClynE

Portfolio MAnager

Jennifer is a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).

Jennifer graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia with a joint major in Finance and General Business. In addition, she completed her academic pursuits as a CCAA Academic All-Canadian & Athletic All-Canadian for basketball in 2012.

Working with the Tycuda Group, Steve Cropo has been providing clients estate planning and insurance-based solutions tailored to their personal, professional and corporate needs for more than a decade. Throughout the estate planning process Steve utilizes specific financial tools and the knowledge of other professional advisors to create a focused, team-based approach. This approach allows the professional advisory team to simplify complex strategies while providing guidance, milestones and solutions which help our clients meet their long-term goals.

Steve Cropo

Insurance, Tax & Estate Solutions