Getting the right advice at the right time is always important.

We are a part of Canada's oldest investment firm, 3Macs, established in 1849. A long history of serving clients is the bedrock of our firm. 

Whether you are planning ahead or are currently in a stressful situation, we have built our reputation on helping people make the best financial decisions for their families.

Whether your concerns are corporate or personal, current and or inter-generational, prudent wealth management is what has allowed our firm to stand the test of time.  

One of our goals is to help family’s become great stewards of their finances. When our children’s children can look back at lives well lived and appreciate the efforts of those who came before them, we can all be proud.

They gave us a sense of belonging and direction for the future.

Families need the right team around them to help move forward in the most meaningful way at every stage of life.  

We are always honored when we are chosen to be a part of a family’s chosen group professionals.

  • Wealth Preservation
  • Estate Settlement

  • Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer & Planning

  • Discretionary Investment Management

  • Life Insurance

  • Charitable Donations

Tycuda helped engage our family members when it was most needed and helped us understand our challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for us individually and collectively.

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