Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are we?

The Tycuda Group specializes in investments, estate planning and group retirement plans for individuals and institutions.

Miles Clyne, FMA, CIM, FCSI, Portfolio Manager. 

Miles is a senior financial advisor who thinks differently from the crowd. This difference accounts for the success of his clients’ investment returns over time. He believes if you think differently from the crowd, you’re more likely to receive a better result than the crowd.

Jennifer Clyne, CIM, Portfolio Manager. 

Jennifer shares Miles’ unique mindset which she also believes is the key to achieving superior investment performance over time.

Jennifer is Miles’ daughter and a former CCAA Academic All-Canadian & Athletic All-Canadian in university basketball, Jennifer’s commitment to excellence spans both academics and athletics.

What differentiates us from other financial advisors?

Shorter Recovery Time.  How long are you prepared to wait for your investment portfolio to recover from a market downturn?  

Our most significant differentiator is that we use multiple strategies to shorten that recovery time for you, so that you can benefit from markets whether they’re rising or falling. 

Portfolio Managers.  Miles & Jennifer are among the select 3% of Canadian investment advisors who have met the rigorous criteria and earned the coveted “Portfolio Manager” designation. 

Unlike old-school stockbrokers, Portfolio Managers can buy and sell investments for multiple clients at one time (like a pension fund manager) based on each client’s pre-set specifications.  This enables us to act on news and information more quickly for our clients and our clients know they are all being treated equally. 

Independence.  “Independent Advisor” typically refers to advisors who don’t work for banks, so there is no potential bias or pressure to favour bank-owned investments.

 As independent advisors, we have the freedom to choose the options that are most appropriate for your circumstances. We work for you!

Do we work with the children and parents of our clients?

Yes. This is especially true with families who would like continuity in their planning from one generation to the next.

What is our investment philosophy?

We believe that today’s global markets are too complex for individual investors to consistently make smart investment decisions and it is well documented that human biases and emotions are often a detriment to investment performance.

What is our investment strategy?

Our investment decisions are primarily driven by a sophisticated computer software system which removes human bias and makes sense of complex market movements worldwide. 

This enables us to focus on investment opportunities that show greater promise today while allowing us to avoid investments with long-term promise that may be too far in the future for us to invest today.

How can we help you with your mortgage?

A mortgage may be the largest debt you have and yet banks only offer you their own mortgages, which means a potentially higher rate and other built-in “features” that can turn into penalties if you pay off your mortgage prematurely. What you don’t know can cost you thousands of dollars. 

As your non-bank financial advisors, we have no such bias.  We’ll help you address questions such as “Fixed or variable rate?” “How much for a down payment?” and “Mortgage insurance – yes or no?” through a non-bank mortgage specialist to help you select a more appropriate mortgage.

How can we help you with your insurance needs?

Many insurance agents only offer their employer’s policies which means they will not seek out other companies’ policies. This could leave you with costly or inadequate insurance. 

As independent advisors we have no such restrictions. With access to the largest and most stable insurance companies in Canada, we offer our clients complimentary professional financial planning through Leede Insurance Agency Inc. We work with you to determine if insurance coverage is needed and the policy that best meets your needs is what you get.

Yes. The best compliment you can give us is to recommend our services to your family and friends.  You can be assured that we will provide them with a superior client experience.

Do we accept referrals?

Who is Leede Jones Gable?

Leede Jones Gable is a dealer for independent advisors. In 2019 Leede Jones Gable was voted Canada’s #1 investment dealer by a leading trade publication for investment advisors. (Source: Investment Executive)

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