Host a Lunch and Learn 

Would you and your colleagues benefit from learning more about saving, investing and wise principles when it comes to personal finance? 

We are happy to help.

Our offer? Let us bring you and your team a delicious lunch (on us) and share some effective tips about finance and investing. 

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.

He who understands it, earns it...

He who doesn’t, pays it...
— Albert Einstein

Why host us for a Lunch and Learn?

1.    Get Smarter
Increase your financial IQ and get smarter about money and investing.

2.    Access to Experts and their opinions
Gain access to experienced investment Portfolio Managers within a small and familiar group setting, to hear their insights and answer your questions. 

3.    Team Interaction
Start conversations about finance in the workplace, increasing engagement with this issue. Have a source for getting ongoing answers to your questions.

4.    Great Food
We always bring a great lunch.


Give us an hour and we may give you a future you’d only wished for.

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