The Shortcut That Helps you Succeed

By Miles Clyne

Before I can tell you about the shortcut that assures greater success, you have to take the first step. Ask yourself: what is it that you want? If you are unsure, maybe Einstein can help you figure this question out? 


Tom Frisby:  Einstein is referring to the art form of what you do and the meaning behind what you do. This creates a deeper form of the pursuit. It is the pursuit of being of value that creates legacy and makes a difference. An artist is emotionally invested in everything about what they do. They care about the process of how they create. They pursue ideas and possibilities because they create a better result. Most importantly, they are never fully satisfied with the end result because they relentlessly seek the unattainable in what they do. The success of the artist is relative to the value they create and the beauty others see in it. If you would like to subscribe to Tom’s blog, send him an email,

Some, if not all, can seem far off, even to distant to realize. Once you know what you want out of life, you can start pursuing life with renewed passion. Your passion will take you much closer or to your goals.  The question is, would you like a little help?

In our lives we are often pursuing a multitude of things; health, wealth, love, laughter… 

Finding the right mentors

The help, a.k.a “shortcut” is all about finding the right mentors. A mentor is someone who has been where you are and is not just a bit ahead of you, but a lot farther ahead of you. A mentor is someone who may intimidate you if you were to meet them in person. The good news is that they are all around you, in person, in books, and in videos. We usually need a number of mentors. Maybe even several for each aspect of our lives we are trying to improve. It has been said “Our ability to copy is the biggest predictor of success”. Picasso quoted “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” 

When you learn the shortcuts the mentors can offer, the fun, but tough stuff starts. This is where the passion needs to burn in you - like getting off the couch after dinner and putting on a pair of running shoes. It is one thing knowing what you need to do, it is a whole other thing doing what you need to do!

What may help you keep the artist in you alive is deciding what type of person you are: stoic or epicurean. It is said that a nation is born stoic and dies epicurean. A stoic person is willing to forego immediate pleasure, whereas the epicurean lives for the now.

Some of my mentors are close friends who have tolerated me for years. Others I’ve never met, yet I borrow from them every day.  In the investment world, there are very few “new” investment strategies. Thousands of brilliant focused minds have strived for decades trying to find solutions to the age old dilemma of how to grow wealth. They each find their own truth. Or as Tom pointed out: they continue to search and improve on what they have learned, never satisfied. Much of my passion is about finding individuals or groups that have found solutions to building wealth, then bringing the best of these minds together to find collective solutions that improve on them individually.


Like the true artist who is never satisfied, investing is much the same. We can’t settle or assume what we have done in the past will work or will somehow begin to work in the future. It may, but I’m not betting on either of those hands. We also need to be stoic; we need to be prepared to stick to our discipline to bring about future success, knowing full well that it will be hard. But if it were easy… never mind, you can finish that statement yourself.

I believe surrounding myself with people who have meaningful thoughts and ideas is a gift. I’d love to hear about the passion in you or about an artist or mentor who inspires you.