Master Time Travel



We should all attempt to master time travel, or run the risk to be mastered by time. Chew on that one for a while. Imagine trying to cross a vast desert. If we choose the traditional method, a camel, the journey could take weeks. In addition, it would probably take much more time planning the trip. The right motorized vehicle would dramatically cut down the time, but we’d still have research to do in order to cross safely.  If you hopped on a plane, you wouldn’t even have to give any consideration to bridging the gap. You have saved an immense amount of time, and maybe even your life.

Most agree that time travel is all about speed. The faster the speed at which we can get things accomplished is in essence, time travel. If you could accomplish tasks in four hours that normally takes eight, you would have four extra hours every day. Maybe these would be used for leisure, or you could compound your ability to perform.



A number of years ago I started work on software to help me understand some concepts with investing. One of the problems with anything mathematical is the time it takes to work through a series of equations. We ran into this issue and needed faster and faster computers to get the work done in a reasonable amount of time. A dual processor does the work in half the time of a single processor. A quad in a quarter of the time, and so on. 

Now we are harnessing the web. We can go out into cyber space and connect server after server and command them to do our bidding. The answers we can get today are answers even a decade ago might have taken the average computer a lifetime or longer to complete the analysis. The number of more accurate answers we need in investing is massive, let alone the number society needs. If you doubt this, watch a political debate.



Humanity is at an amazing time in history. It is both frightening and fascinating. Technology is still accelerating at a phenomenal rate.  If we don’t harness and utilize technology correctly, it will most likely be harnessing us. So master or be mastered. I work in the finance industry, I can tell you with certainty that too many people working in this industry have been mastered. You probably know some folks yourself and wonder, how did this happened to them?

When you can be the master, you join the league of the light speed. You are part of the most ferociously transforming drivers this world has every experienced. They amaze me, I want to be at their party and at very least, know some who are. I work on my own mastery every day. This isn’t about living forever, or wealth or power for me. It’s about maximizing my life and my ability. I know when we’re around others who think in similar terms we move further faster. I want to hitch a ride and maybe if I’m so lucky, give someone a lift.


Here is a simple question for you. Are you working on yours?