Ten Places to Cut Spending


Trying to save more? Can’t figure out how? Here are some ideas.



1.     Quit eating out

· Time to start brown-bagging it: packing a lunch, and making meals at home is one of my top ways to save lots of money.


2.     Cancel cable

· It is not as hard as you think it is. Believe me, I did it. With all the cheaper ways to watch TV these days, like Netflix and Crave TV, it is easy! It personally saved me $60 a month.


3.     Reduce your frivolous spending

· Skipping the monthly manicures, and daily lattes at Starbucks can save you loads!


4.     Reduce your drinking and smoking

· Your wallet and health will thank you!


5.     Reduce your food waste

· As much as 30 per cent of food, worth about $48 billion, is thrown away in the US each year. Improve your food storage skills and start saving money with these handy tips!


6.     More affordable transportation

·  Walk, bike, car pool, switch to a more affordable vehicle. There are many ways to save money when it comes to your vehicle, just take your pick!


7.     Reduce your monthly charges

· Take a review of your bank and credit card statements.  I bet you will find something you can eliminate whether they be monthly bank account charges, ATM charges, overdraft charges, credit card fees etc.


8.     Reduce your interest charges from debt

· A huge way to reduce your monthly expenses is to eliminate debt. Debt is expensive! Pay off your credit cards, pay off your student loans, and aim to keep your debt load as low as possible.


9.     Save at the grocery store

· Head to the store with a list. It will help reduce the random purchases.


10.Reduce your utility payments

· Turn the thermostat down, put on a sweater, save water! Need some more ideas? Take a look here!