September, The Real New Year


I was listening to the radio on my daily commute the other day, and the DJs were discussing how September should be the real “New Year”. It is a time when kids go back to school, most of the population is done with summer vacations, and for me personally, wedding season is ending (Being 27, it feels like someone in my friend group is getting engaged every 2.7 seconds). 

September is a time when people “reset” back to their “normal” routine, and get back to work mode. I could totally relate to what the DJs were speaking about. I am already thinking about my goals for September when the madness of summer ends. How much money I am going to save, how much healthier I am going to be, and what I want to accomplish by next summer. 

Why is it that every summer goes by so fast, and all the regular rules of day to day life go out the window? Personally, I feel like I can eat what I want, and spend what I want. Post summer regret is a real thing!

I hereby declare September to be Fall Resolution time! The 2nd time of the year to make and review your resolutions. I also challenge you to have dented a good portion of your resolutions by the actual New Year, January 1st. So that when you go to write down “I want to lose 15 lbs.” you have already lost 10; and when you think I want to save $10,000, you have already saved $5,000. Let’s be ahead of the eight ball this January 1st. Will you accept the challenge?

Have a success story you want to share? I would love to hear about your accomplishments!