Cops Riding with A Purpose


By Miles Clyne

I have the privilege of being a guest rider for a couple of days on the Cops for Cancer 800KM Tour de Valley ride, starting September 22nd. Other than wanting to raise funds, I’m also hoping for no wind or rain on my days in the saddle.  Ok, I’ll compromise. I’m good with wind, as long as it’s a tail wind.

Other than having to get fit enough to keep up, I need to go out and convince friends, family and anyone with a pulse they should donate through me.  This might prove to be a bigger challenge than actually getting fit enough to do the ride.  Fundraisers are always faced with the challenge of getting to the front of the donation line with people.  I’m guessing that suggesting to feed my ego and make me a star fundraiser won’t get money flying in?

Like many, I’ve been a volunteer fundraiser for years. For me it seems it is becoming harder to get motivated. I know how often everyone gets hit on for donations, every year an army of professional and non-profession fundraisers compete for your dollars.  And I’m at it again. Knocking on doors, phoning and/or sending emails!

This year is different for me, to be a guest rider, I have to prove to the team I can keep up, and fundraise a minimum amount. In past years I just did the best I could. The opportunity to ride with the Cops Tour is not something I can take lightly. I need to commit to being both physically and mentally motivated to reach these goals. I think to get motivated, most of us need to answer the basic question, why even get off the couch? In this case, it’s pretty easy to understand?

The Cops ride to support families who have a child with cancer, so families don’t have to face their journey alone. Being presented with the opportunity to ride in the tour may be a once-in–a-lifetime opportunity for me. Not only to ride, but to step up in a way I haven’t had to.

We all have a choice in how we give back; volunteering our time, making a donation, or simply starting in our own back yard by improving our personal and family’s health and welfare. I don’t see spending my time to get fit for the ride as a challenge. I ride regularly, having a purpose just makes it easier.

I didn’t think of it until this year, but I needed to be reminded of what my why was. I know getting to ride just a few days out of the tour with these men and women is purely selfish on my part. Seeing first hand their personal commitment and the level of awareness they are bringing to countless children and adults, I’m confident will bring me to a better place.

So, how do we get to the front of the line to get people’s money? I’ve no idea, but I do know if you ask in the name of a cause you believe in, regardless of your fund raising success, you will be rewarded, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or amateur fund raiser.

That said, I’m happy to take your money on behalf of the Cops for Cancer Tour, it’s as easy as clicking this Link to my page to donate.