New Year - It’s My Life!


If we can’t tell the future, how do we take control for ours? I don’t think we ever fully have control of our futures, so how do we manage our world to have the greatest likelihood of a life well lived?

Listening to CBC radio may have provided a reasonable answer. I’d turned the radio on in the midst of an interview with Chris Hatfield. The part of the conversation I came in at was about asking better questions. A classic question that Chris talked about was asking a young person what they wanted to do in life. He felt a much better question was to ask young people: what did they want to change?

It was weeks ago when I listened to the interview. But this simple question has stuck with me.  There are two parts to this question that make it powerful. It’s relevant at any age, and it makes us think. Unlike the song with the chorus “love ain’t no thinkin’ thing”, life in general will be better if we put more thought into it.

So this New Year’s, perhaps change up how you think about your resolutions. Do you need a new job, or do you need to change some things in your existing work environment that are within your control? Do you want to get in better physical shape, or change how much time you spend on the couch?

I’m a strong believer in setting goals, but sometimes how we set those goals may be more important than the goal itself. You may not feel as fit as you’d hoped to, but the 30 minutes you are spending walking rather than sitting on the couch will pay dividends. Taking control of your life will give you far greater control of your future. Small changes are most often what lead to permanent larger ones. So celebrate every little positive change you make. And when ready, make the next one.

Have a great 2017, I hope it’s a year of positive change for everyone.