Tariffs Getting Personal

Two weeks ago things got personal for me with Trump and his tariffs. My good friend, whose wife is six-weeks pregnant with their first child, lost his job in a steel factory due to the tariffs Trump imposed on Canadian steel. The factory laid off 50 workers. That is 50 people at one employer who will likely have a difficult time for the next while as they try and figure out new jobs and live on EI. That is just one company. How many other companies are laying off people? And, what is the compounding effect of this? Less spending in the Canadian economy, more pressure on the system as more people need EI, fewer people being hired as companies are impacted by tariffs. Usually, the full impact of these things doesn't show up for months down the road. I can't help but wonder how this, in combination with our exorbitant housing market, will play out.

Harley Davidson announced they are moving some of their production out of the US. If Harley Davidson isn't the epitome of the USA and star spangled banner I don't know what is. If Trump was trying to bring and keep production in the US, this seems very counterproductive. It is hard to see how this is going to end beneficially for the so-called middle class he was trying to strengthen.

I am not a political expert. I admit it is hard to understand everything that is going on when the media seems to muddy things, and the information is constantly competing for our attention. But I do care about my friends, family and fellow Canadians being able to earn a living where they can provide for their families, have a roof over their heads and have food on their tables. Just like we want good, supportive neighbours, I think countries want than in each other as well?

I wrote this on Canada Day, which might have had me feeling extra patriotic, but it had me feeling even stronger about taking care of those around me. We have to act to make a difference and not rely on governments. Shop local, always live within our means and care.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Canada Day!