For The Love Of...


Adopted at birth, she is brought to her new family.  At a young age she learns she had a different biological mom and dad. She learns it was a closed adoption, meaning she can never find out who her real parents were. 

Time passes, laws change and an opportunity arises.  She is able, through a social worker to find a biological parent, but only the social worker can have contact unless the parent agrees also. No agreement is forthcoming. Fortunately, her adoptive parents were the right people and they continue their love and support. In ways I can only imagine, she is still not whole.

Time passes, new technology emerges, the world of DNA and affiliate programs allow insight into biological family trees and sow the seeds of hope. A sleuth friend and some emails find the first clue. A few more emails, some documents change hands, and a real connection is made. Not with a parent, but a sibling.

A door opens to a new world, a soul is brought home. Where there was one and five, there is now six. The five who had been together since their births, and occasionally estranged from one another are brought together in ways unimaginable by love and the determination of one.  The one finally gets to see and feel, for better or worse, what she has been longing for most of her life. 

Having a window into this experience, I’m learning what I’m witnessing is not so unique in our often-broken world. Seeing the broken pieces come together, bringing such unquantifiable happiness seems surreal.  I hope this experience for anyone with a wounded heart. What I’ve seen gives me hope for individuals, friends and families.  

To experience the emotions of everyone involved seems almost fictional.  The reality is that it took the desire and courage of someone to search for what was missing in their life to make this happen.  What I get from all of this in my own life is to never stop searching for what is important.  And I’ve learned a bit more about what is important.

Heartfelt happiness came from the first moment of laying eyes on one another, the embrace that wouldn’t stop and the tears of joy that flowed for one another. The discovery for this family has just begun.  No doubt there will be lots more surprises to come.  But regardless of what the future brings, they all understand how important they are to one another.